Getting Out to Get On

Partnering with WayMakers Devon, this is a wellbeing project for 22 to 30 year old autistic adults, and for those with anxiety-related challenges.

This six week programme offers an opportunity for low-key social connections, woodland crafts and access to specialist coaching support. Lockdown can feel limiting: this is a chance to do something positive and purposeful in beautiful surroundings.

Taster session: 16 November 2020

Programme begins 23 November 2020

Half-day and full day options.

For basic details, see our poster (below): Getting Out to Get On

For further information, see our supplementary information sheet or contact us.

If you would like to consider attending these sessions please complete this referral form and send to

We will also require the completion of a Participant Consent/Medical Consent Form. This can be completed before attendance or on the first session. 

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